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How to install Microsoft Office on a Windows PC or Mac?

  Microsoft Office is that the backbone of various organizations that exist during this world and people who are associated with education institutes also got to use Office apps once in their lifetime. Thus, if you've got lately purchased your subscription of Microsoft 365 or bought a one-time package of Office 2019, then you'll consider the rules given during this article. Please note that these steps apply to all or any the plans and subscription packages that are a variant of Microsoft 365 or Office 2019. Tip: once you buy your Microsoft Office package, you're given a product key. This license code must be redeemed before you'll install Microsoft Office on a PC or Mac. To redeem the merchandise key, navigate to , then follow these instructions. Download, install and activate Office on Windows You can apply the following guidelines on a device running on the Windows operating system. Here are the steps you need to follow: Visit